Day off, Night off and Camille

August 12, 2009

camille-osullivan.jpgTuesday.  Day off. Phew!

With our insane programme of 4 plays and a free fringe performance at the festival we decided that the only way we’d all get through the festival would be to take a day off each week. It was such a good decision.  Having worked on the project intensely for the last month rehearsing and making arrangements, after week one, quite frankly, we all needed a break.  I’m sure we could have all managed to make it through to the traditional mid festival day off that a lot of companies seem to have. But why bother fighting through when you could have that extra time to enjoy the festival and get your head ready to hit the second week running. Read more

A big day

August 9, 2009

I think yesterday has to be my favorite day of the festival so far.  We opened our last show, Johnny Acecraft, on the free fringe, and now have 5 shows a day running.  Woooo.  We’re getting into the rhythm of how things work, where everything happens and where we want to be.  The chaos of the first few days is melding into a semblance of order.

And it’s going well!  Really well.  Yesterday, two of our shows sold out.  What a feeling of  joy, relief and excitement.  People like what we’re doing and want to come and see what we’ve created. It really does give you an enormous sense of well-being.  Finally, the months of hard graft seem to make sense.  And more importantly, it means I can relax a bit and start enjoying the fun. Read more


August 7, 2009

Thought that’d get your attention.  Cheap trick I admit. But it has been the focus of my last few days, so seems only fair to write a bit about it.

Our show, Fucked, is all about sexual experiences and mornings after, so we saw a bit of potential there for some fun publicity.  My weeks before Edinburgh were spent on the phone to various condom manufacturers, distributors and sexual health clinics trying to procure large numbers of condoms.  Not to be used during the show I hasten to add. We’re not that kind of theatre company!  Marketing.  That’s what they’re for.  Handing out condoms with flyers for our show.  Eventually after a myriad phone calls I landed on a company that were delighted to be involved. Hurrah! Read more

So why’m I here?

August 7, 2009

‘Tis a good question. Why do I find myself hundreds of miles from home in a town of what appears to be madness for the month of August?  Well.  I decided I wanted to pursue this insane career of producing.  And producing 4 shows with Tangram Theatre Company at the Ed Fringe seemed to be as good a way to start as any.  Yes, I know, 4 shows seems a bit greedy. Excessive. Crazy.  But it was put to me (not as a drunken bet I hasten to add), and being one of those who’s up for a challenge I said a resounding “yes”.  And so I became Tangram’s producer – had business cards printed and everyfink. Read more

Tis a LONG way from home

August 3, 2009

Bluddy nora, its a LONG way from London to Edinburgh.  A really LONG way.  Especially when you’re in a reasonably small car with 4 other people and a boot that is rammed to bursting, oh and you’re the only driver.  I had gaily offered to drive my team up, of course main motivation being money-saving, but hadn’t really thought about how long it would actually take to get here. Long story short, we arrived, 12 hours later:  10 out of 13 of us (yep, we’ve grown since my last blog, we now have a lovely lass joining us from Germany) all present and correct.

At this point, I’d love to make some intellectual comment about the metaphorical differences between London and Edinburgh, nicely linking to my theme, but to be perfectly honest all I managed to do after our epic journey yesterday was a Morrisons shop, a quick poster pick up and then I hid myself away to try and sleep – no exploration of the town, didn’t even meet a local.  So my knowledge of Edinburgh is limited to the fact that they talk in sexy accents and have confusing scottish money.  Can’t wait to find out more…

What you mean produce 4 shows as my 1st Ed Fringe project? Oh alright then

July 29, 2009

Tangram Producer

Where IS the Royal Mile

July 29, 2009

I know nothing about Edinburgh. I’ve never been to the Fringe. Never been to any of the festivals come to mention it. Never even been to the city. I did venture across the border once. Well twice. Mad-cap adventures to Ben Nevis with old colleagues – a world from long ago. But really, how am I in any way qualified to take one show to the fringe, let alone the four that I find myself producing. God, when I look back it feels like a drunken bet. Your director says to you “Go on, I’ve got four plays for Edinburgh – it’ll make loads of money – it’ll be great”. And you nod gaily.
Here I am 3 months later, juggling four productions, a team of 12 and trying to find the royal mile on the map (it’s not there – there is NO road called the royal mile I swear).

It’ll be fine though – won’t it?

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