From L.A. to Edinburgh- and back to L.A.

September 9, 2009

blog-portrait.jpg Rick the A/C man is here again which means, I suppose, that I have come full circle with this blog. He never did manage to fix the air conditioning a month ago and we only ever realize it doesn’t work when we are in the midst of a heat wave- as we are now. Wild fires blaze in Los Angeles, the air is hot, the sky filled with smoke- yes indeed, I am a million miles away from blustery, damp Edinburgh. My last night, after a farewell celebration with actors, actors’ parents, director, producer, assorted assistants and musicians from her other show (at least I think that’s who they were…) I went to see Camille O’Sullivan one last time (that would be three) then got on a plane and headed home. The following morning at 8 am I found myself on a soccer field in Orange County watching my eleven year old’s team get crushed . How quickly life slams you right back down to earth. (My daughter is the tiny one in the middle guarding the giant)


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From L.A. to Edinburgh- “What I have learned”

August 25, 2009

So, as we round our way into the last week of The Fringe a festival wide weariness has set in among participants and citizens of Edinburgh. People now growl as you hand them a flyer. Our producer has returned to Croatia for a family emergency, ScotsGay gave us a great review and 4 Stars (“the homos love us!” exclaims Sarah), found Scotch flavored condoms on our kitchen floor, (no questions asked…) have had great audiences, terrible audiences, torrential downpours and bright sunny skies, (usually within minutes of each other).

According to the critics I have either written a “well crafted moving script” or I’m not fit to write for daytime television. I think we’ve had a little bit of everything- the good, the bad and the hilarious. Certainly I know a lot more now than I did three weeks ago. Here is a bit of what I have learned. Read more

From L.A. to Edinburgh- A great review!

August 17, 2009

I’ve posted a lot of blogs recently but life continues at a furious pace and it’s hard to keep up. Another wonderful thing happened. This lovely actress named Louisa Clein who is performing in Sylvia Plath’s Three Women happened to come to our show and loved it! So much so in fact that she wrote me the nicest e-mail which I thought I would just paste into my blog right here. Only wish she wrote for the London Times!

“It was such a pleasure for me to sit and watch this new play here at the Edinburgh Fringe. Having slightly overdosed on stand up comics in the first week I was longing to see a well acted, intelligent play -a beautiful story which flags up some fascinating debates. The Contest offers it all. The debate of success vs Love is combined with the role of women in the arts in the 21st century and the play tackles these issues head on with a subtlety but strength thats left me really struggling with what I personally believe and wish for!

There is something about seeing a cast of talented young bona fide american actors that just oozes class and the cast of 4 were magic and spellbinding to watch. I would whole heartedly recommend this piece to young and old alike…… bravo!”

Louisa Clein

From L.A. to Edinburgh- Power of the Human Voice

August 16, 2009

blog-portrait.jpgInes calls offering to get me in to see Camille O’Sullivan the cabaret singer.  Now I’m not sure I even know what a cabaret singer is (in the states “cabaret singers” are aging Broadway stars who sing in hotel bars.) Well, what a revelation. Camille O’Sullivan is a knockout! It’s not that she has the most beautiful voice in the world, it’s that she’s completely riveting! I so wished my two girls, (especially Beatrix the belter), could see her to see what a great performer is all about. Read more

From L.A. to Edinburgh- Slogging Through

August 15, 2009

blog-portrait.jpgDon’t really feel like getting out of bed today. It’s pouring rain- (again!) and expected to continue indefinitely. All this water is really something for a native Californian. Was out till 2 in the morning at a bar with my cast, director and Joe, the adorable tech guy.  (see picture in earlier blog for proof.)  Everyone had a lot of fun trying to guess his age. Everything from 15 to 27.  It’s been some time since I was in a bar till 2 in the morning. Never really did that even in pre-children what could have been but weren’t bar-hopping days in New York. Read more

From L.A. to Edinburgh – A Fringe Day

August 14, 2009

blog-portrait.jpgLife doesn’t seem to calm down. The pace here is incredible. I had expectations (fantasies) I guess, of working on my current play, One Good Death. I imagined I would wake every morning early, as I usually do, trot off to the library and get in a good two to three hours of writing done. Yes, well… Let’s just run through a sample day:

  • Yesterday (in the rain), we carried the white sofa FROM the apartment TO the theater, the black sofa (stolen from the apartment unbeknownst to the landlady) FROM the theater, BACK TO the apartment.
  • Spent a good deal of time tracking down Will Gompertz, a director of the Tate, who is doing a stand-up one-hour history of modern art. Left a note inviting him to come to our show. Read more

From L.A. to Edinburgh – “We’re here, but we’re not quite there” (cont’d)

August 13, 2009

blog-portrait.jpgIt’s 3:38 AM and I should be fast asleep enjoying the temporary luxury of my mother’s hotel room while she’s at St Andrews, but all I can do instead is grind about the fact that, while we got four stars in The List and a pretty nice review, we had only 20 people in the audience yesterday.

It could be that it was pouring rain, but I am told that what’s supposed to happen is that, within minutes of receiving a good review, little strips of paper with the quotes and stars are to be printed out and plastered on every poster and postcard in the city.  That way, when people look at a wall of posters, if your show has some affirming quotes and lots of stars from reputable publications, then it stands out from the rest of the pack. Read more

From L.A. to Edinburgh- The Contest gets 4 Stars!!!!!!

August 12, 2009

blog-portrait.jpg“We’re here- but we’re not quite there”.

So proclaims my mother upon arrival.

And indeed, how true. Read more

From L.A. to Edinburgh – Carnival Panic

August 8, 2009

blog-portrait.jpgThe last few days have been full of OMG “what are we doing here?” doubts. Our venue’s  Press Launch started with The Chippendales bounding out to ear splitting “music”, bumping and pumping to a screaming crowd. (I, of course had my hands over my ears, trying to climb under the table the noise was so painful) The MC was a fat Sikh with a Scottish accent in a turban and kilt . (I’m not kidding…) The acts that came on were a mixture of Australian stand-ups, puppeteers with socks on their hands, and my favorite- aerialists in nightgowns. Read more

From L.A. to Edinburgh – Domestic Bliss

August 5, 2009


We have arrived! The theater is perfect – the apartment is a dorm room. The Producer insists she knows what’s she’s doing – the postcards have all gone missing. The festival is invigorating – the chaos is terrifying.

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