A Lot of Nerve

August 29, 2009

lotofnerve.jpgPleasance Dome
6-31 Aug, 10.50pm

Having taken their show to clubs and theatres across the UK, ‘Martha and Arthur’ bring A Lot of Nerve to Edinburgh. A mixture of cabaret and dance, the show draws on many different styles and influences, performed with a kind of over-arching grotesque grace. Read more

Fat Club: The Musical

August 29, 2009

fatclub.jpgC Venues
5-31 Aug, 2.40pm

“And how much weight are you here to lose?” is not the nicest question to asked on entering a theatre; it’s guaranteed to make us loathe the skinny, snide Bonnie at whose Fat Club we are all, temporarily, guests. I’m not a great fan of direct audience participation like this, but it sets the tone of the show rather well. Read more


August 29, 2009

odysseyposter.jpgPleasance Dome
5-31 Aug, 4.20pm

Homer’s Odyssey is undoubtedly one of the greatest stories ever told. And seeing it performed by Lecoq-trained George Mann with a combination of great physical and vocal dexterity reminds one that in many ways, this is precisely how it’s meant to be told. Read more

An Evening With Ben Dover: Innocent ’til Proven Filthy

August 29, 2009

6-30 Aug, 10.00pm

I was only looking for a delicious little titbit of something naughty before bed. Be careful what you wish for. Ben Dover started by making me hate myself, moved on to making me hate sex, and completed the job by making me hate men. All men. Every single sodding one of them. Read more

Hardeep Singh Kohli: The Nearly Naked Chef

August 29, 2009

hardeep2009.jpgGilded Balloon
5-31 Aug, 7.00pm

It’s quite a hard task to review Hardeep Singh Kohli’s The Nearly Naked Chef. It’s a bit like being asked to review someone’s sort-of-ok dinner party. Which, effectively, it is.

I’m not sure why this articulate, charming but not obviously funny man, who doesn’t seem to have overwhelming culinary skills, would choose to do a show which combines stand-up comedy and cooking. It’s admittedly unexpected and rather cool to have a full, working kitchen a la the one installed on the Debating Hall stage. I’m just not sure what it was there for. Read more

Power Plant

August 29, 2009

powerplant.jpgRoyal Botanic Gardens
12-30 Aug, times vary

Power Plant is a series of sound and light installations on a botanic theme, developed by five diverse artists and embedded within the collection of flora at Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens. Originally commissioned by Oxford Contemporary Music, this concept is working its way slowly around the UK, adapting to context and evolving with time in almost Darwinian fashion. Read more

Still Waiting for Godot

August 29, 2009

stillwaiting.jpgC Central
25-31 Aug, times vary

I’m reviewing a play about two reviewers waiting for a production of Waiting for Godot, in a toilet. Certain experiences can only be had at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Following issues with the notoriously protective Samuel Beckett estate, nod/nod theatre company were forced to abandon their plans to stage his most famous play in a public toilet. So instead, they’ve staged a rewritten version of it in a private one, housed in the bowels (so to speak) of C Central on North Bridge. Read more

Late Night Gimp Fight!

August 29, 2009

The GimpsPleasance Garden
5-31 Aug, 11.00pm

Genuine gimps beware: Late Night Gimp Fight! isn’t the masked wrestle-fest you may well be hoping for. Ok, there are some masks. And a bit of wrestling, in fact – but that’s about as far as the allusions to gimps go. Read more

Dr Whom? My Search for Samuel Johnson

August 28, 2009

David BensonAssembly @ George St
22-31 Aug, 3.20pm


As he reminds us, just in case we didn’t know, David Benson became a Fringe star in 1996 with his legendary show about his comedy hero, Kenneth Williams. He also shares a salutary tale about his envy of the actor Michael Sheen, who played Williams in the television play, Fantabulosa. Is this relevant to his new show about another of his heroes, Samuel Johnson, you may ask? Well, yes, because Johnson is eloquent, witty and wise on the subject of Envy, as on most subjects. Read more

Icarus 2.0

August 28, 2009

icarus.jpgPleasance Courtyard
5-30 Aug, 2.15pm


The myth of Daedalus and Icarus has inspired centuries’ worth of writers, artists and musicians, despite the original story numbering just 52 lines in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. And Icarus 2.0, the latest version from Camden People’s Theatre, isn’t exactly big on words either. Read more

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