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Enticing ‘terms’ With Linda Gray

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

With the constant column inches devoted to ‘the death of the play’ – allegedly suffocated by the musical, a new play is to be welcomed. But the piece itself will no doubt be criticised by high-brow lovers because it is based on a film. Terms Of Endearment was due to open in America but due to scheduling problems, it is touring the UK, before transferring to the West End. Therefore national reviewers are not permitted to review the play in York, the first stop. (more…)

Any Dream Losers Become Winners

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Losing seems to be the new winning as the top five Josephs in the hit show, Any Dream Will Do – will testify.

Craig Chalmers has the part of the touring Joe, Ben Ellis is soon to be Link in Hairspray, and Lewis Bradley is to be matinee Joe at the Adelphi. But, what of Keith Jack? He has a recording contract with Louis Walsh, so expect an album of cover versions any day now. My spies tell me that he is also lined up to play the role of the narrator in Kenwright’s touring show, alongside Craig.

Rob McVeigh is in panto in Sheffield and the ‘villain’ Seamus has gone back to band, Mosquito.

Will the next contestants in the next show to expect the same treatment? If so, these shows will die out, ala Big Brother – as everyone will have huge egos and magazine deals lined up, before they are shown the door.

Rent Remixed And Sophie Musical Lover

Monday, August 6th, 2007

With the news that Rent is about to come back to the West End, many fans are up in arms. Why? The show was never huge in the first place? Well, Kylie collaborator William Baker is going to shake the concept up a bit for the ipod generation. This all may be great publicity, of course. But so far, the signs are, that the times, they are a changing. The musical is to have seating like a gig, in that it will be first come, first served. But, it is the news that the musical will feature no American accents and could be set anywhere that disappoints me. Also, I am all for changing a score and the odd song, but updating the show to such an extent that AIDS no longer = a death sentence will surely make a mockery of songs like “Seasons Of Love.” Even though the film had its problems, I think I may watch it again, instead!