Becoming a celestial being…..

Stars, your future can be written in them, your fate decided by them, your Edinburgh sinks or swims by them….. and to an Edinburgh virgin, a somewhat compulsive obsession!. I have been very lucky and have a few nice stars adorning my poster and flyers, some nice things said, some not so nice things said but in the long run what does it really matter? But at the moment, it seems it’s all that matters. The range of these stars, as a virgin to all this, is what amazes me, two stars here, four stars, there and they probably saw the same show? There is no science to any of this maddness, the more I flyer, the less audience I get, the less I flyer the more audience I get, the more stars I get the less audience…… Is anyone noticing a pattern here? Continue reading

Give a chair an award & it falls apart … quite literally

The last you heard of me I was venturing on to the royal mile, ghetto blaster in hand, with my newly made track of extracts from my show. I was an annoyance, I got moved on for ‘competing” with other performers…… yep, that’s exactly what I was trying to do and got attacked by a rather irate busker who had paid fifty quid for his spot, oh well, we live and learn.

Monday was our biggest performance to date, we had nearly forty in the audience, the Scotsman, the List and Three Weeks all in there too, brilliant! And I was very happy with the show, couldn’t have been better. So the next morning I open the Scotsman to find my chair has won an award, yes you read it right, my chair. Now as my chair and I are the only two things on stage this is a little galling, my chair does play a mental health ward, a toilet and a night club but he is now stealing my limelight, I am in fact being up-staged by a chair!

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The virgin goes forth….

So here I am firmly ensconsed at the Edinburgh festival, any more firsts? I here you cry, oh yes!

Teching my show at 11.oopm till 3.00am was a first, the ploting was fine, by the time I got to my run however, let’s just say it wasn’t the best performance of my life. So a little bleary eyed I embarked on my first day of flyering, got very excited and gave out six tickets in pappering and learnt a very valuable lesson, you should take down their addresses, look them sternly in the eye and in the most sinister voice you can muster, inform them ‘I know where you live,’ Needless to say six free tickets did not convert into six audience members. I have however sold my first ticket! Ok it was my brother, but it’s still a sale, he came down from Aberdeen to see my show, thanks Dan! Continue reading

Edinburgh virgin.

Rob Benson will be performing Borderline at the Underbelly Iron belly at 9.00pm throughout the whole festival.

Hello one and all,

An awful lot of firsts in one week…… Here I am at the Edinburgh festival for the first time, did I hear angelic choirs as I popped my Edinburgh cherry? Did the rush of excitment make me go weak at the knees and colapse in a sweaty heap? Was it all a big build up and then some what dissapointing? Do I love this city enough to have waited all this time? Only to find out she dropped her knickers for my best mate last year. I’m 27 years old, I call myself an actor/writer and I’ve only just made it to Edinburgh……..what can I say? Some of us are late bloomers. Continue reading