Rehearsals are over, previews have been viewed, now all that remains is packing. The five day forecast for Edinburgh has temperatures going up to twenty-one degrees, and weather ranging from sunny to deluge. The best bit of the forecast is the rapid change from visibility being very good to very poor between 7pm and night-time on Sunday. I guess that they don’t just mean that it’ll be dark: my seventeen years experience of Edinburgh weather suggests that it’s more likely that within about fifteen minutes it’ll switch from bright sunshine to thick fog.So, what’s the answer for the discerning Fringe-goer? This year (and every year) it’s all about layers. On most days your body will be subjected to the sort of rapid changes in temperature that everyone except the US Government defines as torture. You’ll need the skimpiest, thinnest inner layer possible for use inside baking hot theatres, and a thick Arran jumper plus seven or eight waterproof layers for outside, the outermost of which should also look good enough to pull in. A plastic poncho rarely looks good enough to pull in. Although if you do manage to, then you should marry your pullee immediately: if they like you in that, they’ll like you in anything.

I’m lucky enough to be involved in shows at three different venues this year. It’s important to maximise the number of venue passes you get as these will often get you into shows for free. However, venue passes shouldn’t be mistaken for accessories. Wearing them on a lanyard around your neck makes you look like a neophyte. And a dick.

I wonder if my socks are dry yet. Ongoing laundry is a cast-iron excuse not to pack. Scrabulous is not, although it is often a reason.

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Richard is a writer and director of theatre and comedy. His credits include Potted Potter, Miranda Hart's House Party, and Bill Hicks: Slight Return. At this year's Fringe he is directing Potted Pirates, Pegabovine: Polite Club, and Girl And Dean. His previous shows Potted Potter and Silly Billy Bum Breath Strikes Back also return to the Fringe.

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