The Aarsian Chronicles (episode 1)

Chris Larner performs in musical comedy On the Island of Aars at the Pleasance Courtyard

This is our first blog of many for the festival. After three weeks of frantic rehearsals, rewrites and visits to the company psychiatrist, this week we finally showed our Aars to the public and did two previews in double bills with the delightful Mark Watson. Tuesday in Maidenhead and Wednesday in Reading, fraught and frantic – never enough rehearsal time and the first show always feels premature.But I’d like to draw your attention to Reading as a railway phenomenon. Brunel, he of blessed memory, built the Great Western in the mid C19th and it remains today as a tribute to the unabashed Victorian spirit of engineering and… oh, it’s a theatre blog. Yes, the show. On The Island Of Aars this week emerged from the Mothercare cot of rehearsal infancy into the playpen of bullying toddlers… oh, metaphors, metaphors. We learnt songs. They’re good. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we improv’d. What you can do on the right medication! Back to the rehearsal room Thurs and Fri and suddenly the show is on it’s feet, and we’re ready to get to Edinburgh and either knock ‘em dead or at least, give ‘em an uncomfortable level of concussion. Hoots! – Isle of Aars. Our website

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