Underway at the Fringe

Three days and one show in. I was glad not to be the first to arrive in the shared flat (four comics; most people’s nightmare). I remember rattling around on my own last year having nobody to vent at with raw nerves.

It’s quite scary how easy it is to slip back into the fringe. Walking into the Pleasance Courtyard, seeing the same faces, it really feels like it was never taken down, and I mean that as a positive feeling.

My preparation this year has been certainly more thorough than previously, which gives me a slight confidence but it’s impossible to approach a task of this magnitude without the odd collywobble. Out for drinks on the first night another comic took it upon themselves to ‘push my buttons’ for want of a better phrase. I blew my lid, which is something I haven’t done in years. So I’m clearly tense.

Yesterday’s first preview show went fairly well. Everyone is particularly worried about the utter balls-up that the fringe have made of the ticketing this year. I don’t care if it’s a computer problem, sort it out and fast! God knows this is difficult enough without more obstacles in our way. It’s a source of frustration all round. So I was pleased to see the venue half-full for the debut. Fairly decent account of the show, but I can see room for growth and I think I can see what the show is about now. That might sound late, but this process is ongoing for the month. If you’re looking for advice about the fringe, I think a key thing is to go up to view shows in the second or third week. It means the shows aren’t rugged, but the performers aren’t yet climbing up the walls.

I look forward to that week, less the wall-climbing that follows. Which I shall document meticulously here.

I’m becoming aware that this thing I’m writing is quite introspective and not funny. I think I’ll try to make it a bit lighter in future. Sorry, it’s the start of this bloody festival. Navel-gazing is all the rage.

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