In the swing

OK. We’re in the swing of things now. Four shows in and starting to look good. Full houses, decent shows etc, allows a bit of breathing space for having some fun. Our flat is servicable. No, that’s a lie. It’s very grand to look at but most things are broken. So it’s pretty but useless. Think of Fearne Cotton. If she was pretty. A tin opener is quite a tough thing to break, so I can only imagine the kind of muscle-bound freaks that must have lived here prior to our arrival.
Went to see the panel show ‘On Heat’ with Matt Forde. It’s an entirely shambolic improvised show and without a doubt, the funniest hour you’ll see on the fringe this year. It’s indulgent fun for comics. So maybe I find it funnier than Mr Average Punterman. But good god it is funny.
Got a bit drunk for the first time last night to no real use. That was a feature of last Edinburgh I’m trying to cut out. Fine: drink to excess if it leads down some amazing path of adventure, but not just getting sodden in a corner. I’ve got to do Comedy for Kids tomorrow, and I’m slightly worried that I’m going to let slip some cursing. Got to be careful with that one. It’s a gig that I get quite apprehensive about because if you get it right it can be really, really rewarding. But if you get it wrong, there’s nowt so awful as reducing happy kids to silence.

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