Variety of the Fringe

The show continues to go well. I’ve sold out all bar the first day which was unexpected and a delight. Minor technical problems occur, but Simon who does my Tech is great. Today he was in a terrible moral quandry about having been flirting with a 20 year old. No quandry from where I was standing.

Doing the other gigs up here aside from the show is a real treat. I did Comedy for Kids, which was great fun. I’ve done it once before and learnt that if you let the kids dominate the gig, it ends up being a lot more successful. So we talked about evil sponges for ten minutes. Whatever they wanted; and they wanted evil sponges.

I did Old Rope, which has transferred from London for the month. It’s a new material night (which is the last thing you want to think about really) and some of it went OK. A new murder mystery weekend joke went well, so will probably form the basis of Edinburgh 2009.

Next up was a thing called the Liar Show, where four people tell stories and then the audience interrogate them to discover which of the four is a stinking fibber. Nice concept but it relies on a good bubbly crowd, which we didn’t have when I told my truth. My truth was a story about fouling a taxi (that was true). I was extremely put out that nobody thought I was lying. One look at me and they thought now there’s a man that would shit in someone else’s car.

Today was the panel show ‘On Heat with Matt Forde’. Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Stupid panel games, comics having a proper laugh together. We lost in the last round so trashed the tables in a rather effete imitation of rock stars. But we put them back afterwards for ’tis the way of the middle classes.

Aside from that the bloody rain is relentless. Relentless I tell you.

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