Aarsian Chronicles episode three


Dear Blogfans, it's been a while since I last put index to qwerty and it's for a reason.
There's a show on up here called Who Writes This Crap (Joel Stickley and Luke Wright, Underbelly),
which I haven't had the chance to see, but I've read the blurb, the reviews, the flyers, the flyers, the flyers, the.
And fair play, we're all doing it.  From what I glean – and I approve wholeheartedly of the idea of such a show -
that's the point of Who Writes This Crap: there is such a sea of STUFF bombarded, that the senses reel.
Walking daily through the Pleasance courtyard doesn't help matters.  I'm drowning in flyers, in promo,
 in blurb. In Thurbur's The Wonderful O (read it, everyone!) there is a princess who, under the terms
of a particularily vindictive spell, is able to say only I wish him well.  No other words will escape
 her lips. Breakfast, princess? I wish him well.  Love me, princess?  I wish him well.  Any chance of 
a fiver? I wish him well.  Well, I have met people, black-eyed from sleep-deprivation who appear to 
have been targetted by the same witch and are unable to say anything other than Brand New Comedy Sketch 
show!  Four Stars in Metro! 
So.  Blogging felt to me much like adding to the litter. Oh I know I said I'd write two a week, 
but I also said I'd cycle to India before I was forty, and look what happened to that resolution.  (got 
a puncture)  I've already written a show, and for the minute that's pretty much what I have to say 
about the world. I'm not sure what it is I have to say about the world, but whatever it is is 
shoved firmly in my Aars.  
Still, here we are, blogging.  On The Island Of Aars has been nominated in all five possible 
categories in the MTM musical awards (best production; most promising new; best lyrics, music and 
book).  So how smug am I? Only us and Departure Lounge (top quality show, chaps) have been 
nominated in all five. 
Awards announced on Friday. That's tomorrow.  Watch this space.  Or don't. Someone will flyer you 
with any information.  Love and light  chris

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