Creeps up on you doesn’t it…

Despite Edinburgh Festival Fringe being an annual fixture since the 1940s, it still seems to take us all by suprise. Despite the programme going to bed in April/May, I had my most recent request to see whether there was a slot for a show in the new Musical Theatre at George Square only two days ago, along with the first requests for 2009.  Help. Let’s make 2008 a success first.   I’m delighted to test out my first stab at blogging, just after my first trip to the supermarket to stock up on tins and emergency food for my Edinburgh student flat which I get to see in three days time. It’ll be my home for 6 weeks and so it does feel a bit like heading off to Uni again.

I saw a preview of AND THE DEVIL MAY DRAG YOU UNDER at Volupte a few days ago (another one this Fri 18th and also Fri 25th, 7pm). Des O’Connor – the ukulele singer songwriter who digs deep into the darker side of private life in a series of wonderful filthy songs which I feel sure will gain an underground following. He’s supported by Pustra/Vile-een’s Vaudeville duo and a wealth of special guests testing out for approval of their vile brilliance or acknowledging their sweetness and explusion back up to heaven. We vote, and I sense that the “better” the act we see the more we are going to damn them to hell – The devil may have all the best tunes, but Des has some of the best lyrics.  Don’t miss the show in Edinburgh (nightly part of the Musical Theatre at George Square season 6th – 24th 11pm (11.20 in Wk 3).

This morning we finalised the final running order and details on 37 masterclasses which will form part of the “George Free” programme. We have everyone from John Sparks (legendary guide to writers based in Chicago and LA) flying in for two days, classes on Musical Improv, songwriting, Sponsorship & Fundraising for new work, and even a session where one of the tutors on the Maria, Joseph and Nancy tv searches will give a few inside tricks for anyone planning to audition or go-the-distance on the next Reality show for singers.  All of the sessions are 90mins, free, need to be booked in advance,  and presume the ticket holders will be up for a class…I’ll update you on the first sell-out masterclass where 100% of the ticket holders is there to watch someone else step forward to participate.

That’s all for now folks. To all those rehearsing preparing (or in some cases still writing) their shows – have a great last few days, and get the word flying around so that bloggers the world over can pick up on the latest news, gossip, and must-see hottips.

By the way – anyone in Buxton next week for the Festival Fringe pre-Edinburgh, check out Alison Goldie in LADY IN BED, 8pm Wed-Sat in the Pauper’s Pit (a fantastic tiny studio theatre below the equally wonderful Old Hall Hotel).  I saw her first performance with this new show at the Pulse Festival a few weeks ago, and it is a tour-de-force solo exploration of what it is to have loved, lusted, lived, learned, and then done it all over again. Wickedly funny. Probably not good to go with your partner (or your mother) if sex is a thing you can’t share.   Buxton features a number of pre-Edinburgh shows and the Pauper’s Pit is run by Three’s Company who will be at C Venues this year, again, with a new show by Tom Crawshaw (a writer to watch) called AUDITORIUM.



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