A Brief Prologue

It brings a smile to my face reading here in this blog that Chris feels like he is heading off to Uni again for 6 weeks. His blog comes rather poetically the week that the majority of our cast and crew graduate from Bristol University, leaving the tins of value baked beans behind in our crumbling student dwellings for good. In theory, that is.

While the medics and lawyers are off to their graduate jobs (and the company cars and expense accounts that go hand in hand), we are heading to the Edinburgh Fringe to be a part of the largest arts festival in the world. Something tells me our days with the tin opener are not over yet, but that’s the exciting thing about the Fringe. Everyone is in it together. ‘Together’ being the key word in that sentence, as there are 15 cast and crew squished into every nook and cranny of our 4 bedroom apartment. It’s going to be very cosy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When we’re not all battling over the one bathroom we’ll be performing two musicals as part of the Musicals @ George Square season. One is an established off-Broadway hit which we’ve given a fresh lick of paint called I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, the other a brand new piece we have written from scratch titled Jet Set Go! – The Cabin Crew Musical. They are very different shows but both embody the same fun, quick and quirky style we’re working with, important as they’re on in the same slot but on alternate days.

Going to the Fringe means different things for each company and over the next month or so I hope to share with you exactly what it means to us. Some of our company are Fringe virgins, others have been around the block a few more times, so it should certainly prove an interesting experience. Edinburgh is always packed with highs and lows, and as Mark Shenton has been writing about recently on his blog, you’ll get to hear it right here from the horse’s mouth.

But launching straight into writing this blog while in Edinburgh would be like turning up to a show in the interval (which we don’t have in our shows due to time constraints, but you get the drift). So much has happened already so I’ll bring you act 1 here over the next week. Check our website www.takenotetheatre.co.uk to find out more about our company and the shows, in the meantime I’m off to graduate and pack up those tins of beans…


Luke Sheppard


For more information about these shows please go to takenotetheatre.co.uk

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About Luke Sheppard

Luke recently finished working as Assistant Director to Sir Jonathan Miller on his production of Hamlet at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol. He was part of the creative team for the MTM award wining show Force 9 1/2 at last years Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Theatre Workshop), and returned as Choreographer for the London revival as part of the Perfect Pitch Festival (Upstairs at the Gatehouse). He has since worked with Peepolykus developing a musical at the National Theatre Studio. Luke is an experienced workshop leader and works with several children's theatre companies. He set up the musical theatre company Take Note Theatre and will direct both of their productions at this years Edinburgh Fringe.

One thought on “A Brief Prologue

  1. We were bowled over and thoroughly entertained for every minute. We (and commenbts from others) didn’t want it to end. Magic, vibrant, naughty but so well acted that it was hilarious. To Director/choreographer, every member of cast and team, a big WELL DONE. How about the next ‘flight’ ?

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